Removing Masking Tape from Paper

Removing Masking Tape from Paper

How To Remove Masking Tape From Watercolour Paper.

It has been a challenge I have faced many times when I have finished a painting and it is time to remove the masking tape from the edges. 

Ive asked myself so many times, 'How do I stop masking tape tearing paper?'

There are a few techniques I have tried to help avoid your paper from peeling away, so I wanted to share them with you in case you have the same problems. 

Top tips to remove masking tape:

Tip 1: Peel the masking tape away from the paper at a 90 degree angle to the paper. Do not pull the masking tape straight up away from the paper but across, flat to your surface of your desk. 

Tip 2: The top tip in my opinion! Use a hair dryer and warm the masking tape around the paper, this will loosen the glue and make it easy to remove.

Tip 3: Before you place your fresh masking tape on to your paper stick it to your trousers or some fabric. It will collect some fibres, therefore making it a lot less sticky then it was before and easier to peel off your surface after you have finished your painting. 

Tip 4: If the paper is starting to tear, stop and pull the masking tape from the other end. Make sure you do this slowly. 

Tip 5: Once you have peeled it off, and it may have taken some paper with it you can usually rub the small paper fibres away either with your fingers and smoothing them down or you can use a rubber. I have also rubbed a damp cloth or tissue over the surface where the masking tape was and it can smooth the fibres down where it may have lifted. 

Its taken a lot of trial and error to get it right, and it still doesn't always work but these tips should help. 

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